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FOOT CENTRE Outpatient Clinic of wound treatment and food care

Our outpatient clinic specializes in food care and wound treatment on any body parts. We take care of ulecration, pressure ulcers and burns which cause a serious problem and discomfort for patients. We apply state-of-the art methods in accordance with the recommendations of European and Polish Societies of Wound Management. In wound management we use TIME strategy which determines the treatment according to the wound stage and kind.
To facilitate wound treatment we use specialist materials including active, long-term dressings which significantly promote wound healing process. With the application of professional equipment we can also reduce deep necrotic tissues. We manage excess exudate by means of VAC pomp and apply healing and disinfectant products on the wound with serious bacterial load.

We also use compression therapy in lymphatic oedema treatment. The therapy is commonly provided on upper and lower limbs in post breast amputation patients and in lower limb venous insufficiency.

We select ostomy devices and facilitate ostomy wound management. We also help to choose appropriate dressings, care products and other conveniencies. We provide instructions and training in prevention to the patients and their families so that they can take care of their wounds individually and independently.


Our outpatient clinic, as the first care institution of its kind, provides a wide range of podology and podiatry care. Our specialists perform food treatment and care, ingrown nail correction and elimination of foot skin and nail plate changes. We rely on modern nail reconstruction materials based on glass fiber and nanocrystal silver. We have gained trust of parents, whose children and babies have been given preventive and conservative treatment. We are pioneers in skin and nails antifungal surgeries, which enable patients to function in neoplastic diseases, diabetes and after steroid therapy.

Our patients in critical conditions can be supported with the injections and infusions, which contribute to their health status improvement.

If necessary, it is possible to arrange ambulance transport as well as transfer by air from abroad or within the country.

We offer a car park free of chargé in front of our clinic.

All our patients can continue treatment on-line by consulting via e-mail correspondence with our specialists without having to arrive to the clinic personally. It is a convenient form of medical control, especially for patients from abroad or disabled patients.


podologia centrum stopy

leg surgery

podologia centrum stopy

general surgery
outpatient clinic

podologia centrum stopy

orthopedic and traumatic surgery
outpatient clinic

podologia centrum stopy


podologia centrum stopy


podologia centrum stopy

a diagnostic and treatment

and we also run:

podologia centrum stopy

Health prophylaxis department in the field of foot care for people with disabilities and people with diabetes

podologia centrum stopy

Department of education and health promotion

podologia centrum stopy

selection of insoles and orthoses and supplies for the care and treatment of wounds

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