2017 Sandomierz 26-27 May, Conference of the Chair and Clinic of Urology and Urologic Oncology, Medical University of Lublin, Polish Society of Urology

2017, Łódź, 18 May, ‘Diagnostic difficulties in autoimmune and thrombotic diseases  particularly in lupus an antiphospholipid syndrome”, Jakub Swadźba MD, PhD

  • “GENO diag DIETA- genetics in healthy diet” – Anna Piotrowska-Mitelska MA
  • “Peripheral blood morphology- new diagnostics” – Wojciech Gernard MD, PhD
  • “Modern molecular diagnostics of allergy” – “Lime disease diagnostics and its treatment monitoring by Lyme Trace Elisa” – Michał Podkalicki MA

2017 , 12-13 May, Teresin, Conference and workshops on ostomy

  • Interpersonal communication between a nurse and a patient
  • Prevention of ostomy-induced dermal complications and patient’s life quality, SACS tool.
  • Ostomy care problems in children and the care specificity.
  • Care procedures in complicated ostomy

2016, 18 October, Łódź,’ HCV virus and hepatitis C. What is the danger.’ Sanitary-Epidemiological Station in Łódź.

2016, 22-24 September, Łódź, International Fair of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Deep tissue massage in selected injuries in runners.

Foot- biomechanics, injuries, overload and modern therapies.

2016 , 23-24 September, Teresin, Conference and workshops on ostomy

  • Ostomy belt – selection and application,
  • Ethics in ostomy nursing,
  • Per rectum, per stomiam examination, ostomy pouch and rectal stump care,
  • Selecting ostomy location in so called „difficult stomach” .

2015 Gryfice, 12th Congress of Polish Burn Treatment Society

Lecture on Specialist treatment of complicated post-burn wounds

2014, 4-5 September, Birmingham, UK, Wound Management Fairs and workshops on wound healing

Visits of business partners

2013, Poznań, Conference and Didactic Center of Medical University of Poznań, 3rd International Conference : Challenges for the 21 century. Diabetic Foot. New possibilities in endovascular treatment of vascular diseases.

2013, 20-23 November, Dusseldorf, Germany, MEDICA- International medical Fair, Wound Healing Forum


2013, 17-19 October, Rome, Italy, World Congress of Podiatry, International Federation of Podiatrists.

2013, 18021 September, Warsaw Conference Center, Congress of Association of Polish Surgeons

2012 Bydgoszcz – Congress of Polish Society of Wound Healing

Poster session:  Comprehensive wound management in lower limbs, Agnieszka Grzeszczak

2012 Kraków, LNE Congress

Lecture on Treatment and care of wounds in lower limbs.

2012, 24-27 May ,Warszawa – 12th Congress of Family Medicine

Agnieszka Głuszczak was a participant and a lecturer:
1. Comprehensive lower limb wound care
2. Most common feet problem – specialist care and treatment.

2011 Mikołajki – Polish Society of Wound Healing

Lecture  by Agnieszka Głuszczak on:
1. Treatment and care of wounds in lower limbs
2. Podology- specialised foot care and treatment 

2011 Mikołajki – Family Medicine Congress

Lecture on Treatment and care of wounds in lower limbs.

2011 Łódź – Forum of Young Scientists – Polish Dermatologic Society

Lecture on Podology – specialised foot care and treatment 

2011 Toruń – National Palliative Medicine Conference, Oncology and Psycho-Oncology Forum

Lecture on Specialised care and treatment of lower limb wounds

2010 Jastarnia –Congress of Polish Foot and Ankle Society

Lecture  by Agnieszka Głuszczak on: Treatment and care of  foot skin changes

2009 Łódź – Family Medicine Congress

Lecture on:  Podology – modern methods of foot skin changes treatment. Diagnosis – proper care and treatment.

2009 Bydgoszcz –Scientific and Training Congress of Polish Society of Wound Healing

Lecture by Agnieszka Głuszczak on Podology – modern solutions for foot problems. Wound dressing, care and treatment.

2008, Fuss – Kassel, Germany

Participation in the Fairs,  Congress and Workshops on podology.


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