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specjalista agnieszka gluszczak podolog

Agnieszka Głuszczak

Specialist in wound healing and podiatry

BA,  certified nurse, medical school graduate
specialty: Nursing and Health Protection Qualified for nursing and wound care in the Republic of Poland and Great Britain. Member of Polish Society of Wound Healing.

Professional courses and training:

National specialised courses:

  • 2015 – Diabetes Educator
  • 2014 – Lymphedema in Neoplasmatic disease
  • 2008 –Wound Healing
  • 2007- Vocational Training Instructor  – medical coach
  • 2007 – Wound Healing


  • 2014- Ostomy Sterilisation and Care Training
  • 2014 – The course on the application of Ingrown toenail correction implant
  • 2006-  Podology course in 3TO and VHO  nail bracing

A specialist in wound healing and foot care with 20-year experience, passionately engaged in remedies for hard-to-heal wounds. She gained experience and practice in European Centers and, having been inspired by podology and podiatric surgery, brought the services to Poland.

The first center which she founded, authorized by 3M Company and specializing in foot care and wound healing, was equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus and material. In 2003 it became a model clinic, the first of its kind, and won the first award at 12th  Cristal Venus Fairs. The success in wound healing procedures in accordance with European standards led to another center opening in Warsaw where Agnieszka Głuszczak performs surgeries. Patients from all over the world arrive to have their post-surgery complications, chronic skin ulcers, fistulae and so called poor-healing wounds treated at her clinics.

Agnieszka Głuszczak pioneered innovative ingrown toenail corrective braces, metatarsal pads and hallux valgus separators.

She gave lectures at scientific events for doctors and nurses, organized shows and trainings and wrote press articles for medical and pharmaceutical publications. 

  • 2009 Bydgoszcz –Scientific and Training Congress of Polish Society of Wound Healing, lecture on Podology – modern solutions for foot problems. Wound dressing, care and treatment.
  • 2010 Łódź – Family Medicine Congress , lecture on Podology- modern methods of foot skin changes treatment. Diagnosis – proper care and treatment.
  • 2010 Jastarnia –Congress of Polish Foot and Ankle Society, lecture on Treatment and care of  foot skin changes
  • 2011 Toruń – National Palliative Medicine Conference, Oncology and Psycho-Oncology Forum. Lecture on Specialised care and treatment of lower limb wounds
  • 2011 Łódź – Forum of Young Scientists – Polish Dermatologic Society, lecture on Podology- specialised foot care and treatment 
  • 2011 Mikołajki – Polish Society of Wound Healing, lecture on Podology- specialised foot care and treatment 
  • 2011 Mikołajki – Family Medicine Congress, lecture on Treatment and care of wounds in lower limbs.
  • 2012 Bydgoszcz – Congress of Polish Society of Wound Healing, poster session:  Comprehensive wound management in lower limbs.
  • 2012 Warszawa – Family Medicine Congress, Lecture on Comprehensive lower limb wound care
  • 2012 Kraków – LNE Congress, Lecture on Treatment and care of wounds in lower limbs.
  • 2015 Gryfice – Dźwirzyno –12th Congress of Polish Burn Treatment Society, Lecture on Specialist treatment of complicated post-burn wounds



specjalista anna dachor chirurg ogolny 2

Anna Dąchór MD

General surgeon

Nr PWZ: 8563832

Member of Association of Polish Surgeons and Polish Society of Allergology.

She graduated from the Department of Medicine and received her Diploma in 1995. She gained her experience in Surgery Hospital and Regional Hospital in Legnica, Jaworski CMedical Center, in EMC Medical Institute in Kamień Pomorski, as an assisstant and Vice Head, in the Department of General, Gastroenterolgical Surgery and Surgical Oncology at St Anna Hospital of Trauma Surgery in Warsaw and in Military Institute of Aviation Medicine. Apart from hospital surgical departments she used to work and still does at Medicover emergency medical service and Enel-Med Medical Center. She broadened her professional experience working with patients, at operating rooms as well as participating in both national and overseas scientific congresses and training courses. She belongs to the Association of Polish Surgeons Polish Society of Phlebology. Dr Dąchór is skilled at  minimal invasive surgery, laparoscopic techniques, as well as venous disease treatment including sclerotherapy.

Apart from medicine, she is also fond of good books and unconventional cooking.


specjalista leczenie ran

Ewa Pogonowicz MD, PhD

Orthopedics and trauma specialist

Nr PWZ: 2181821

Ewa Pogonowicz MD PhD graduated from Medical University of Lodz in 2005.
She deals with diagnostics and treatment of musculoskeletal system and its injuries and performs musculoskeletal surgical procedures.

Renata Kurowska

Specjalista leczenia ran i diabetologii

Dyplomowana pielęgniarka 4121931P

Posiada długie doświadczenie kliniczne i praktykę w profesjonalnej pielęgnacji pacjentów. Specjalista leczenia pacjentów chorych na cukrzycę w ciężkich i przewlekłych stanach. Cechuje się dużą empatię i wrażliwością przy zabiegach. Bardzo delikatna przy iniekcjach – zastrzykach i wlewach dożylnych. Doskonale zorientowana w nowościach dotyczących leczenia cukrzycy i innych chorób metabolicznych.

Dzięki swojemu zaangażowaniu i pasji w leczenie i pielęgnację chorych, cały czas rozwija swój warsztat z zakresu leczenia ran i podiatrii.


Andrzej Pawelec

Certified masseur

Andrzej Pawelec is a specialist in massage and physical therapy with long experience. He helps patients to restore their physical ability using  Mc Kenzie techniques, resistance exercise with Thera Band and reflexotherapy.



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