Diet for patients with mycosis

Athlete’s foot is caused by microorganisms, microscopic fungi to be exact. It occurs both in humans and in animals and is highly contagious. It is estimated that 200 out of 250 known microscopic fungi, most frequently dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi, cause athlete’s foot.

Unfortunately, fungal infections are not easy and quick to treat although there are both oral medications and local treatment means,with the latter being the first-line treatment. The therapy should begin with specialist processing of the infected area. Herbal products are also worth using as they are natural and show strong antifungal properties, e.g.:

  • tea tree oil,
  • manuka oil
  • lavender oil

When choosing natural products, we should always pay attention to the source of the ingredients used. Anti-fungal oral medications can have many side effects and can even damage internal organs so it is advisable to use them only when local treatment is unsuccessful.

Proper diet plays a considerable role in fungal infection management and prevention. Our body is a natural protective barrier against pathogens. When our immunity is decreased, our body does not function properly and it is unable to protect us against fungal infections. Then our diet can enhance our defence mechanisms and fight pathogenic agents.

Basic dietary tips in fungal infections:

  • First and foremost, monosacharides should be ruled out of the daily diet as they provide the main food for fungi: white bread, pasta, sweets, yeast cake
  • It is also important to avoid yeast-containing products such as beer and wine.
  • The diet should be rich in light products which help to eliminate toxines and stimulate the immune system i.e. vegetables, fish
  • Hydration is of huge significance so it is recommended to drink a minimum of 2 litres of still water per day
  • Phytotherapy and supplementation is advisable.
  • Aloe leaves flesh can stimulate immunity and body cleansing (detoxicication),
  • Daily herbal teas are also recommended e.g. nettle, cistus (rockrose), nigella sativa or horsetail.

We have lots of everyday chores and we often forget about healthy diet which is essential for good health and chronic diseases prevention. It is reasonable to analyse our diet and complement it with valuable and easy-to-prepare elements.


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