Cracks heels and skin defects


Abrasion or damage to the epidermis causes discomfort and pain. Feet, and heels in particular, are most frequently prone to cracking and cornification.  The problem refers to both women and men and is more likely to appear in older age.

Common reasons for cracked heels:

  • dry and rough skin
  • vitamin B5 deficiency
  • excessive heel scrubbing
  • diabetes
  • too tight and hard shoes

The patients who complain about rough and cracked heels often suffer pain, the fissures often bleed and cause great discomfort while walking. When treated incorrectly by patients themselves or  beauticians, cracked heels can reoccur and repeated scrubbing can increase the severity of the condition.  The removed horny skin layer naturally regenerates and regrows. Without proper oiling, the skin remains dry and rough in response to pressure and scrubbing, which makes it more susceptible to cracking.

Our specialists can resolve the problem of cracked heels but a lot depends on the patient’s cooperation and persistence. We apply urea-based and glycolic-based, oiling, disinfecting and herbal products which soften the skin, provide moisture and prevent its excessive dryness.

Self- management recommendations:

Apply foot cream daily to greaseand nourish the skin. We also recommend salts, masks and softening gels. Softening and nourishing oil massage stimulates blood supply to tough and rough skin layer. It is vital that the patient should wear comfortable footwear with adequate cushioning throughout the therapy. Following all our recommendations can help to produce satisfying effects within a few days.

Photo gallery of cases:

Patient 1. –  Years of improper foot care i.e. scrubbing the skin with a razor and pumice resulted in extensive callosity and eventually big cracks on the heels and midfoot.

Initially the cracks caused pain and bleeding, which led to walking problems. Improper footwear and prolonged standing exacerbated the condition. We processed the foot skin with a mill, applied foot baths with suitable softening agents.  Softeners and keratin-dissolving preparations were then applied. The patient was given instructions on proper foot care and footwear.

Before treatment:

After treatment:


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