HPV Wart virus

HPV wart is a rough, raised, oval skin change caused by human papilloma virus which spreads and usually occurs on the hands and feet. In some cases it can be confused with a callus, which may be inappropriately treated causing the warts to spread.

You can get infected by:

  • skin-to-skin contact in saunas, gyms, beauty parlours (manicure & pedicure), swimming pools, doctor’s offices (when walking barefoot), on exercise mats
  • a handshake (sweaty hands, damaged skin)
  • contact with people with weakened immune system ( due to immunosuppressant drugs, oncological therapy, previous viral infections e.i. flu, pneumonia, shingles).

The warts quickly grow into the skin and resemble a tiny bump like a callus or a horny growth with poppy-seed-like spots. At times the warts disappear naturally but in most cases they have to be removed.

Fresh juice of the greater celandine (Chelidonium majus) put on the wart is one of the home methods. The wart should not be cut out as it bleeds, neither should it be scrubbed as it causes it to grow and spread. The most effective method, however, includes drying the wart with specialist disinfectants and destroying it to prevent its regrowth.


Increasing the patient’s immune system is an extremely important part of the HPV wart removal treatment. Taking this opportunity, we also encourage women to have a regular Pap test to detect potential precancerous changes in the cervix.

Photo gallery of cases:

Patient 1. – A 13-year-old boy with HPV warts spread on both feet.

For months his parents tried home methods, mainly with anti-callus products. The existing changes spread and deteriorated causing pain as a result.  While walking, the boy started to deform his feet and spine.

Before treatment:

The boy was embarrassed by the condition and wanted to continue playing football with friends as soon as possible so he followed our recommendations very carefully. We applied a comprehensive treatment and extensive foot care and the boy himself was given instructions how to prevent a similar infection in future.

After treatment completion:

A total treatment duration: 7 months.

Patient 2.  A young football player often used public showers and contracted HPV virus. The home methods and available products were not effective, moreover, his interference caused the warts to spread to reach his midfoot.

The treatment in our clinic involved gradual and painless removal of the wart, disinfection of the change as well as both feet. The wart was destroyed and cauterized. The patient followed our instructions and kept disinfecting the feet at home. The skin change kept drying out and eventually fell off leaving no scars.

Before treatment:

During treatment:

After treatment:


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