Pedicure and foot development

Foot care is an important part of our hygiene and health. Our feet carry our whole weight and they deserve special care. Our clinic offers professional foot and nail care treatment performed with the highest precision, sterility and safety.

At the beginning the feet are carefully examined. Then, the patient is informed about any skin changes or problems and the appropriate treatment is planned. Pedicure is done by means of modern tools of top quality by highly-qualified personnel and it usually includes the removal of dead rough skin and corns or callosity as well as  trimming and polishing the toe nail plates. The procedure is finished with the application of professional agents in the form of oils, foot masks and creams to soften and moisturize foot skin and nails.

The range of our services and the skills of our personnel will guarantee professional help for patients of all ages. We also offer cosmetics, dressings, specialist insoles and ortheses and recommend the appropriate foot care which will help patients to achieve the desired effects.

It is our priority to help our patients to enjoy healthy feet so we do our utmost to prevent ailments and pain and to lastingly relieve discomfort.


Patient 1. A middle-aged patient with a predominant problem of cornified skin and callosity and unawareness of proper foot care. Additionally, working in a standing position for several hours daily caused pain in midfoot and heels.

The patient also struggled with sweaty feet as no available agents were effective.

Before treatment:

Rough, cornified skin was removed, the area was disinfected with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agents and finally skin softeners and keratin-dissolving agents were applied.

The patient was taught how to take proper care of his feet and massage the callosity-affected areas to soften it systematically. Ionized salt baths were introduced and daily care included the application of disinfectants.

Directly after the treatment:

Systematic daily care is a must in the case of similar problems. What’s more, appropriately chosen insoles and shoes are also necessary.

When analysing the problems  with which our patients come to us, we take into account the severity and the duration of the problems and the type of work the patients do (sedentary, standing) as they determine the kind of selected treatment.  Some of the treatment elements, such as massage, disinfection and salt baths, can be performed by patients themselves at home according to individually prepared recommendations.

The complete 3-6 months’ treatment should include 2-3 visits to our clinic.

Directly after treatment:

Nail plate processing:

Elderly patients who complain about ingrown and thick nails can find help at our podology surgeries where specialist nail processing is performed.

The procedures often reveal small wounds, corns or other minor problems which are, however, the source of discomfort.

Quick and simple solutions like nail trimming, disinfection and rough skin removal are complemented with antifungal oils application which protects skin structure and restores nail plate gloss.

The nails regrow more slowly with age so the elderly can visit us less frequently.


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