Treatments for children


Little patients can suffer from ingrown toenails since as early as a few months of age. Later on, when they go to kindergarten and school, HPV warts also become a common problem.

Foot degenerative disorders in children, genetic diseases or post-traumatic complications require specific treatment and care because of their long-lasting nature. Thus, we try to instruct parents and caregivers how to change dressings and take good care at home.

A child with ingrown toenails:


A child with Tourette syndrome, ingrown toenails and feet deformities:


Due to the neuropsychiatric disorder toenail tamponade had to be conducted very skilfully and atraumatically.


Nail treatment in infants:


In such small and sensitive nails we try to treat ingrown toenail in the least painful way by means of the least invasive but the most effective methods. Our infant patients, however, often avoid any invasive interventions thanks to the application of our therapeutic recommendations.


Silicone braces used for ingrown nail treatment cause no pain and gradually correct the nail.

Common podology problems in little patients:

  • HPV wart – little bare feet can easily get infected in public places such as: swimming pools, changing rooms and sports halls,
  • Ingrown toenails which occur even in several months old babies,
  • Brittle and splitting nails are also a common reason for the visits to our clinic.

What causes ingrown toenail?

  • genetic predisposition
  • sensor for oxygen saturation placed usually on an infant’s foot ( causing pressure on the matrix)
  • improper nail trimming
  • improper shoe fitting, too tight tights

Our clinic also offers help in selecting appropriate shoe insoles and foot care products for children.

Photo gallery of cases:

Patient 1.  A girl after oncological surgery of an ovary removal and with reduced immunity due to ongoing therapy. She got infected at the pool with HPV wart which was initially diagnosed as a corn.

The skin change was being removed with liquid nitrogen which resulted in many scars. The wart regrew and spread all over the feet. The patient’s mother used sticking plaster for corns, which led to skin maceration and deeper skin changes. In our clinic we applied painless disinfection for both feet, eradicated the change and gave instructions how to use feet disinfectants.

Photo 1. 1.Before treatment, Photo. 2. After treatment

Patient 2. – A boy aged 14 with deeply ingrown toenail whose too deep trimming led to severe pain, infection and granulated tissue in the nail fold.

Specialist dressing was used on the sides of the nail, which eventually facilitated corrective bracing without causing any pain.

Further treatment included professional tamponade with the specialist dressing which didn’t need to be changed frequently and didn’t prevent bathing. The brace was regulated several times.

The treatment completed. The patient was instructed how to trim the nail correctly, how to choose footwear and take proper care of the nails at home.


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